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When we first met the creative advertising agency, Snap London, they were a start-up company coming out of a larger group but were already establishing an independent upward trajectory with unwavering force. Snap was initially  housed within the larger group offices and worked out of a small corner of the space, however, their growth and success meant that they needed to move into their own headquarters to support the exciting expansion of their business.

The brief we had was to create a space that was a manifestation of who Snap are; a quirky, creative, and individually unique company. When creating the design for their office, we had to be mindful of the fact that they were a start-up and cultivate a vision for the design that was unostentatious, instead leaning towards something raw, natural, earthy, and cost-effective.

With a budget in mind, we kept the fit-out to a minimum, building infrastructural elements out of economical materials such as birch plywood, and maintaining excellent craftsmanship throughout. Other features such as the furniture and fixtures within the office were bespoke to Snap with most elements being built by us in-house.

The office desks were made using scaffolding boards and our own frames. We utilized natural and recycled materials where possible resulting in the whole space being completely unique, with a rustic charm. The warmth of these natural element materials contrasted with the newly exposed concrete ceiling and hung lighting balanced the tones and texture of the design.

Being an advertising agency, having a space that functions creatively was important. We pulled fun elements into the design such as painting the walls in a writable finish and encouraging the team to be creative and spontaneous and allowing the opportunity to write ideas directly on the walls to capture them in real-time to share with the rest of the team.

The space needed to be functional and have the capacity for the Snap team to grow within it. We fixed the space with plenty of meeting rooms and flexible working zones to encourage collaboration and provided focused areas for remote meetings and quiet working. When clients and visitors entered the space, they were quickly saturated within the culture of the business and presented with a strong visual representation of Snap’s identity and company ethos.

'We’re so happy to be in to start the next chapter of the agency, and you’ve helped set us up on the right foot. Everyone loves the space and we’re really enjoying living in it.'

Louisa Fielding Managing PartnerSnap-London
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