Creative Brand Agency


8,500 Sq Ft


Interior Design, Furniture, Project management, CAT B Construction, Joinery


10 weeks

Bulletproof is a creative agency focused on strategic brand design. Given what they do, distinct visual representation is everything, so it was important that their home honored that. With this in mind, we wanted to deliver Bulletproof a space that exploded with the same energy and unique vibrancy as they do.

As a company, Bulletproof are multi-dimensional; they describe themselves as the mongrel, the misfit and the outlier. They march to the beat of their own drum with innovation at the heart of their mission statement. Cultivating a flexing personality throughout the office space that offers both functionalities with distinct stylistic choices and sentiment was essential for this project.

We aimed to push the boundaries of design, bringing variety and personality within the key zones of the office space, having varying textures and colour pallet choices within each zone, to facilitate a different energy and purpose. From the relaxed open breakout room, where the colour and design choices were set around the feel of comfort and calm, to the focused meeting room, where we utilised a dark colour palette.

The deliberate use of light and dark was a key consideration throughout the design and centred around the architecture and facade of the building. We took lead from the areas of beautiful natural light that the space presented, incorporating a darkened tunnel at the entrance of the building, which leads visitors to the main reception area, the light at the end of the tunnel, literally.

Everyone who enters the building gets hit with that wow factor, is immediately pulled into to the uniqueness of the space and quickly gets familiar with the company’s flair, sense of fun, company culture and creativity.

Bulletproof has a human-centric approach to everything they do, so we brought elements of play into the work environment to inspire creativity and connection. From bold use of colour and art, to installing furniture such as a snooker table to encourage opportunities for recreational activity and relationship building among the Bulletproof team.

“The team’s enthusiasm, creative direction and years of experience is second to none. They listened to what we wanted and delivered what we never could have imagined.”

Nick Rees – Global Creative HeadBulletproof
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